Jan Urban, M.Psych. Psychotherapy www.janurban.eu What is psychotherapy?  Psychotherapy is a process in which a trained professional enters into relationship with a client in  order to help the latter with difficult situations, behavioural problems, personal growth and many  more. The client and the therapist sit in a room talking, which is why it is often called " talk  therapy". It is conducted by professionals trained to practise psychotherapy such as psychologists,  psychiatrists, trained counsellors or social workers. How do you choose a therapist?  Psychotherapy can be time-consuming and expensive. You don't want to waste money and effort  on a therapist who won't help you achieve results. The following tips will help you select a therapist  who best meets your needs. Although the therapy relationship is not a friendship, you will still get  the best results if you trust your therapist and feel comfortable with him or her. You should feel  able to open up and be honest. If you withhold information, you cheat yourself out of making real  progress. Just like in every relationship, you and your therapist might not "click". If this is the case, you owe it to yourself to look for another therapist.  What should you expect during the first session?  The initial visit is a period for you and your therapist to get to know each other and map the route  of your therapy.  Keep in mind that psychotherapy can be a long-term process so don't expect any  instant solutions to your problems. Therapy is about equipping yourself with life-long solutions  rather than a quick fix. During the first session, you will be asked what brings you to therapy as  well as what you see and perceive as wrong in your life. You may discuss the length of the  therapy, the methods to be employed and client confidentiality.