Jan Urban, M.Psych. F.A.Q. www.janurban.eu Confidentiality  Things that clients say to their  therapist are completely  confidential.   Confidentiality obligations will not  apply if the client is believed to be a  danger to himself/herself or  someone else. The therapist is also obliged to  report suspected child abuse.  Finally, the therapist can be  compelled by court to testify about  what is discussed in therapy. Cancellation Policy  You are expected to show up for  your scheduled therapy  appointment. Failure to do so and  to notify me at least 24 hours in  advance, will mean that you will be  charged for the session you  missed. Payment  Clients are required to pay for each session beforehand or on the same day. Cash or bank transfer accepted. Sessions Sessions are usually once a week at an agreed time. I take appointments from Monday to Saturday after 14:00 o´clock including evenings.  Sessions are by appointment only. What to do first?  Even after you read the content of this website you will still have many questions. You may call me or send  me an email to ask for the information you need. I never pick up the phone while in session.   Thus contact me via email. Please include in your email a brief description of your problem (3-4 sentences).  How to get to me? By bus: 61 stop Clays, 64 and 65 stop Patrie/Vaderland, 358 stop Schaarbeek Bremer  By tram: 25 stop Patrie/Vaderland  What is solution focused therapy?  Therapists adopt a respectful, non-blaming and cooperative stance, working towards their client´s goals from  within their client´s frame of reference. The approach does not focus on the past, but instead focuses on the  present and the future. The therapist asks the client to envision their preferred future and then, in cooperation  with the therapist, the client works to achieve this goal.  What is systemic therapy?  Systemic therapy is a wide range of therapy techniques developed from the challenging question of how  people in social systems construct and create a new reality. The therapy strives to challenge the premises of  client´s thinking and perception and widens client´s possibilities.  What is narrative therapy?  It is a state-of-art type of therapy of Australian origin. It is a nonpathologising, competency-based and unique  approach. Narrative therapy is based on the notion that we make meaning of our life through the stories we  live. These stories are constructed within the larger stories that create our social, political, and interpersonal  contexts. People often come to therapy when they experience themselves as living in stories in which certain  dominant elements enslave their well being and restrict the possibility of their happiness.  How many sessions will I need?  It is impossible to say exactly how many sessions will guarantee the solution of your problem or trouble.  Success depends on both of us. My background in various approaches though, has equipped me with many  effective and useful tools, which in cooperation with you will bring the expected positive outcome.