Autogenic training Jan Urban, M.Psych.   Autogenic training helps to treat: hyperventilation asthma irregular heartbeat high blood pressure cold hands and feet  headaches and migraines anxiety Autogenic training:  significantly improves sleep quality       helps you switch from stress to relaxation   increases concentration and focus         gives you health and emotional balance Autogenic training is a profound and highly advanced relaxation strategy that is based on a strong psychophysiological theory of tension reduction  and self-regulation. This training is a clinically well-recognised technique to improve stress and pain management, and to enhance self-regulatory  mechanisms to counteract the effects of stress. It allows the mind and body to switch off the 'fight/flight/freeze' stress response, and instead promotes rest, recuperation and recovery. Autogenic  means self-generating; you are, in effect, treating yourself.  Autogenic training consists of six standard exercises that make the body feel warm, heavy and relaxed. For each exercise, you get into a simple  position (sitting in a comfortable chair or reclining), concentrate without any goal, and then use verbal cues to relax your body in some specific way.  You learn each exercise being led by a professional, and then you practise it for a few minutes several times a day in your own environment (at  home, at work, etc.). Once the training is handled properly, the results can be remarkably outstanding and the learned technique becomes  invaluable posession of the client.  Autogenic training is safe for most people. Before  beginning a program to learn it, see your doctor for a  physical exam or discuss what physiological effects  the training might have on you.