www.janurban.eu About me Jan Urban, M.Psych. I have chosen the path of a practitioner. In addition to my main education, I attended various practical courses and participated in workshops,  while working daily with real problems of individuals, couples and families.   I have gained the most of my working experience in a centre of psychological counselling and psychotherapy as well as in the environment of  education or private practice.  I provide my services to adolescents and adults alike (individuals, couples, families) in English or Slovak.  I specialise in constructivist and social constructionist therapies because they are based on the latest philosophical and psychological  knowledge and because they handle client’s distress extremely effectively, efficiently and reliably using the client's personal resources and the  human resistance and thus enable us to find a solution, health, relief and long-term effect.  The therapeutic relationship with me is one of respectful collaboration, trust, safety, and activity.  Main education and trainings:     Master´s degree in psychology     2 years of training in counselling     4 years of training in constructivist and social constructionist psychotherapy approaches             (Solution focused therapy, Systemic therapy, Narrative therapy)     Ericksonian hypnosis I, II     Autogenic training     Focusing - inner awareness of felt sense   Licensed by and registered under the Belgian Commission of Psychologists (No. 831210777). Registered under The Slovak Chamber of Psychologists.