www.janurban.eu Psychologist and psychotherapist in Brussels Jan Urban, M.Psych. Therapists are bound by law to maintain high standards of confidentiality. An ethical, self-respected therapist would never gossip or reveal any identifying information about a client. People seek counselling or psychotherapy because they observe minor or serious problems  happening in their lives. Sometimes they feel unable to cope, depressed, anxious, lonely or   challenged by life.  I have great respect for anyone looking for help when they’re aware they don’t know how to handle  a problem, be it their car, their plumbing, their headache, their relationships, or their anxiety,  depression and other stress.  Whatever your reason is for seeking counselling, psychotherapy or autogenic training, you will find  a safe environment and a supportive professional who will listen to your thoughts, feelings, desires  and beliefs and who will help you build a better future.